“I had this dream where I was stranded on a beach, nursing a venomous snake bite. I looked out to sea, on my knees, delirious… and saw this grand ancient ship by the shore, where a small group of angelic figures waved from the deck. I looked closer and their faces were strangely familiar, but elusive and timeless as they sang in these beautiful baroque drones to the waves… Upon awakening to the blinding daylight, I heard their haunting whispers still ringing clear in my mind…”

What was in Nick’s mind developed into a collection of songs at once both strange and beautiful, melding harmony drenched psych-folk with soul, country and pop elements that reward repeated listens. Nick has found a porthole to a special place, and all you have to do is listen…

After his group The Anyones disbanded in 2005, Nick’s solo career has so far seen the release of a critically acclaimed impassioned folk rock album called “Breaking The Light” in 2006. Garnering widespread airplay on JJJ and community radio, and featuring in the shows Tripping Over, Out of The Blue, Home & Away and Neighbours, Nick and his band toured the country with friends including The Gin Club, Youth Group, Dan Kelly, Ground Components, Even, Tim Steward and many more.

Nick will again take the road to promote “What’s In Your Mind”, this time with a smaller outfit, embracing the fragility and strangeness of this music with quieter musical instruments.

Praise for “Breaking The Light”:

“Nick Murphy is a talented man. He has recorded an album of stunning harmonic depth, divine orchestration and a gentle humanity. In the tradition of Brian Wilson and Tony Asher’s teenage symphonies to God, these songs are sumptuous paeans to the Australian suburbs and domestic love. Live, his band and he pull it off with style and subtlety. At their album launch at the Hopetoun Hotel in Sydney they made that tiny pub sound like a concert hall.” TOBY MARTIN, YOUTH GROUP

“Breaking the Light is… a pop album in the old fashioned sense, a confident collection of impeccably well written, sweetly sung songs that reveal a sensitive and perceptive musicians heart.” 4 STARS THE AGE (Melbourne) 14th July 2006

“Nick Murphy has taken a more confident, intimate and visionary approach to his first solo album, imbuing his subtle, well-crafted songs with warm psychedelic emotion and gentle country elements… but its Murphys honest talent and sweet voice that really stand out.” 3 STARS ROLLING STONE Oct 06.